SIDEWINDER – Wheeled Impact Crusher

IROCK’s Sidewinder screens out sized product and crushes only oversized material, which reduces wear and increases production. These crushing plants come in three models and feature fast set-up, easy maintenance and extreme durability.

Primary: Sand and gravel, recycled asphalt
Secondary: Recycled concrete, quarry rock

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  • Costs are reduced and production improved by crushing only oversized material.
  • The pant leg chute gives operators the option to return oversized material to the crusher for resizing or discharge the material as a 100 percent crushed product.
  • Closed-circuit design with a four-bar impactor efficiently produces four products — three uniformly sized and one oversized.
  • The ROCK BOX allows crushed material to build into a natural rock shelf, which acts as a liner to reduce wear on the discharge point.


MODEL Sidewinder-15 Sidewinder-20 Sidewinder-30
PROCESSING CAPACITY Up to 400 TPH Up to 600 TPH Up to 750 TPH
SCREEN SIZES 14 feet by 5 feet (3-deck screen) 16 feet by 6 feet (3-deck screen) 20 feet by 6 feet (3-deck screen)
REQUIRED HORSEPOWER 150 horsepower 200 horsepower 300 horsepower
MAX FEED SIZE 8 inches 8 inches 10 inches
ROTOR SIZES 40 inches by 43 inches 40 inches by 56 inches 52 inches by 56 inches
WEIGHT 83,000 pounds 94,000 pounds 113,000 pounds