TC-15 – Track Impact or Closed Circuit Crusher

The TC-15 track impact crusher was designed for small- to medium-sized contractors. It features a large capacity hopper and is offered with several optional features, including extensions and a heavy-duty grizzly pre-screen. The pre-screen can be fitted with screen media to remove a finished product via the dirt conveyor or add it back into the

RDS-20 – Closed-Circuit Crushing Plant

Easy to move. Simple to operate. Quick to set-up. Ideal for boosting productivity. Our RDS-20 unit increases production by up to 20 percent by splitting oversized material to return to the crusher on two decks, rather than one. IDEAL INDUSTRIES: Recycled concrete, asphalt, rock, gravel and slag Download Brochure   Features Specifications

RDS-15 – Closed-Circuit Crushing Plant

Our RDS-15 closed-circuit, portable crusher offers rapid set up time and exceptional portability. And, with the ability to easily return two decks to the crusher, the RDS-15 can increase output by up to 20 percent. IDEAL INDUSTRIES: Asphalt recycling, rock, gravel and slag Download Brochure   Features Specifications