TC-15 – Track Impact or Closed Circuit Crusher

The TC-15 track impact crusher was designed for small- to medium-sized contractors. It features a large capacity hopper and is offered with several optional features, including extensions and a heavy-duty grizzly pre-screen. The pre-screen can be fitted with screen media to remove a finished product via the dirt conveyor or add it back into the

RDS-20 – Closed-Circuit Crushing Plant

Easy to move. Simple to operate. Quick to set-up. Ideal for boosting productivity. Our RDS-20 unit increases production by up to 20 percent by splitting oversized material to return to the crusher on two decks, rather than one. IDEAL INDUSTRIES: Recycled concrete, asphalt, rock, gravel and slag Download Brochure   Features Specifications

RDS-15 – Closed-Circuit Crushing Plant

Our RDS-15 closed-circuit, portable crusher offers rapid set up time and exceptional portability. And, with the ability to easily return two decks to the crusher, the RDS-15 can increase output by up to 20 percent. IDEAL INDUSTRIES: Asphalt recycling, rock, gravel and slag Download Brochure   Features Specifications

MAGNUM – Wheeled Impact Crusher

IROCK’s Magnum primary crusher is available in three sizes – the Magnum 15, 20 and 30. This crusher uses an on-board power source to run the entire machine, and can process materials at rates from 350 to 650 TPH. IDEAL INDUSTRIES: Quarry rock, demolition debris or recyclable material Download Brochure   Features   Specifications

SIDEWINDER – Wheeled Impact Crusher

IROCK’s Sidewinder screens out sized product and crushes only oversized material, which reduces wear and increases production. These crushing plants come in three models and feature fast set-up, easy maintenance and extreme durability. IDEAL INDUSTRIES: Primary: Sand and gravel, recycled asphalt Secondary: Recycled concrete, quarry rock Download Brochure   Features  

TC-20 – Track Impact Crusher

The TC-20 track impact crusher has the largest hopper in its class and is built for big loads and even bigger production. IROCK’s TC-20 produces a uniform, cubical product that will increase your bottom line. IDEAL INDUSTRIES: Soft to medium hard rock, recycled concrete, recycled asphalt Download Brochure    Features    Specifications