Increasing Productivity and Profits Since 1992

It’s about value. It’s about durability. It’s about support.

We combine our expertise, ingenuity and innovation to building durable machines that help you increase productivity and profits. And we back them up with unrivaled service and support.


Value is more than just the purchase price. It’s the total cost of ownership, including maintenance operation costs and resale values. We consult with our customers, study their applications and challenges, then determine what piece of IROCK equipment will maximize operational efficiency.


Our equipment takes a beating hour after hour and day after day. That’s why we use the highest quality components available, like Caterpillar® engines, oversized shafts and bearings. We also implement unique design elements, like our exclusive ROCK BOX, to reduce wear and provide our customers with reliability year after year.


Unexpected shutdowns happen. When they do, we’re equipped to provide quick solutions to keep you productive and profitable. Our technicians are available by phone 8 a.m.-9 p.m. EST to troubleshoot problems, and in most cases we ship parts the same day.

If you want to diversify, increase production and reduce downtime, it’s IROCK. View our full product line.