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What Sets IROCK Apart

IROCK’s Product Support Team prides itself on round-the-clock/weekend service to support any emergency. We can’t predict shutdowns, but we can help you through them when they happen. We have the unique ability, due to our organizational size, to be nimble, customer-focused, and flexible to meet your needs in a timely manner. Listening and reacting quickly to the daily challenges a customer faces is what sets IROCK apart from the competition.

We’ve Got Your Back

We’ve got your back from the moment you purchase through any maintenance and repair events no matter how old the machine. Where other manufacturers disappear once the machine leaves the plant, we stand behind every bolt and weld and are here for you when you call. 


RDS-20 Portable Impact Crusher (HSI)

Easy to move. Simple to operate. Quick to set-up. Ideal for boosting productivity. Our RDS-20 portable horizontal shaft impact (HSI) crusher increases production by up to 20 percent by splitting oversized material to return to the crusher on two decks, rather than one.

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