Capital Quarry Materials & Ace Equipment Sales

Capital Quarry Materials LLC is an independent, local family business in Naugatuck, CT. They provide landscaping materials, construction materials and contractor materials throughout the state of Connecticut.


James Warren at Capital Quarry Materials had a new project where they were asked to crush structural fill, driveway base, parking lot base and crushed stone for drainage and storage boxes for the infrastructure of water retention. They needed a crusher for this application to make 3 ½ “ process for about 10,000 yards. Their local dealer, Ace Equipment, is very knowledgeable and carries the latest technology and all of the top brands. James contacted CJ Knight, Ace Equipment Sales, to get a recommendation on equipment to handle this job site.


Rather than break down the jaw crusher in their own pit, Ace Equipment suggested they rent a unit for this project. Ace Equipment provided Capital Quarry Materials an IROCK TJ-2745 Mobile Jaw Crusher. The IROCK TJ-2745 provides streamlined material handling across applications utilizing both level and load sensors. This plant offers ease of access, maintenance and versatility to increase production. Once off the trailer, Warren had the plant up and running and the amount of material that it produced was perfect for the operation. 


“We found the IROCK Jaw Crusher to be excellent as far as setup. You literally take it off the trailer and you start crushing. Its hydraulic legs, the design of plug-in-play, everything is step-by-step. It comes up on the screen what buttons to push next. You take it off the trailer and within 20 minutes you’re crushing product. It’s exactly what I needed for this operation,” said James Warren, Owner, Capital Quarry Materials.