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Ingram Grading and Paving & Thompson Tractor

With three asphalt plants in east central Alabama, Ingram Grading and Paving has been in business since 1987.


On average, Ingram produces 200,000 tons of asphalt per year for the D.O.T. and private customers. They had an older crushing system that couldn’t keep up with demands and also had a desire to expand their crushing and screening capabilities beyond asphalt products.


Thompson Tractor introduced Ingram to IROCK equipment, specifically the TC-20 Mobile Impact Crusher. Gary Ingram, President of Ingram Grading and Paving, found the IROCK equipment was a great fit for this application because of its large capacity. The TC-20 has a large opening to keep your tons per hour high. When paired with the large screen on the TS-620 Mobile Scalping Screen, their plant became much more efficient. 


Ingram now produces approximately 200 tons per hour, with little to no downtime, their investment in IROCK has paid off.

“Whether you’re crushing rock, concrete, or in our case, crushing recycled asphalt that’s been milled off the highway – you can run a lot of volume in a variety of sizes from three inches all the way down to 3/8 size material,” said Gary.