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Magruder Companies & Continental Equipment Company

Magruder Companies is an aggregate producer primarily for counties, municipalities, and infrastructure. Approximately four years ago, Magruder purchased a spread from IROCK Crushers that enabled them to improve productivity with fewer man-hours. Since then, they have purchased three more IROCK spreads. 

“I started this adventure with IROCK about four years ago. And we demoed several other manufacturers out there and IROCK came to the table… We work together really well and they put out an outstanding product,” says Clark Bollinger, Production Manager for Magruder’s aggregate division. 

Magruder’s most recent aggregate operation utilizes IROCK’s TC-20 Horizontal Impact Crusher, two TS-520 Mobile Finishing Screens, and an ITC-300 Mobile Cone Crusher. This spread allows Magruder to produce various types and sizes of aggregate products while also being entirely closed-circuited, making the products ready for sale immediately.

IROCK designs its equipment with the end-user in mind, producing safe and simple machines so that operators need not grapple with a long learning process. When asked about their equipment, Clark emphasized that “the safety features on the equipment IROCK produces is second to none. They’ve identified all the issues that could potentially be there and they’ve addressed them.” Magruder’s operations also rely heavily on flexibility and mobility. IROCK machines are reconfigurable to produce different modes and different products while also mobile so they can move away from a blast and quickly back to the aggregate pile to resume production. 

Additionally, responsiveness in service and support is critical to the IROCK team. When an end-user experiences technical issues, Howard Malhado, IROCK’s Technical Support and Service Coordinator, explains, “it’s not the machine down, it’s crew down.” IROCK understands that if an operation’s equipment fails, its crews cannot work either and the entire operation risks losing profitability. So, the IROCK team always prioritizes responding to any needs, questions, or concerns a company may have. Any time Magruder needs parts, IROCK reacts quickly and efficiently, even flying in parts overnight if necessary. 

Paul McCaffrey, IROCK’s Director of Product Development and Applications, believes that when it comes down to what makes IROCK the best choice for dealers and end-users, it’s how “we set ourselves apart because we truly do listen to our customers.” IROCK is keenly attentive to customers so that their equipment continues evolving around the industry’s needs and expectations. In Magruder’s case, Clark summarizes that with IROCK, “The choice was clear…they met our needs so we couldn’t be happier.”