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IROCK’s Approach to Engineering and Design

June 3, 2024

IROCK’s Approach to Engineering and Design

IROCK Crushers recently attended AGG1 2024, showcasing the TC-15CC Gen2 Mobile Impact Crusher (HSI) at the show. Paul McCaffrey, Director of Product Development and Applications, sat down with P&Q to discuss IROCK’s approach to engineering and design and to also highlight how IROCK utilizes technology while optimizing functionality, performance, and reliability.

IROCK’s engineering efforts always prioritize the end user and operational efficiency, with functionality at the core of every design. Other manufacturers implement design elements to hide hosing and wiring, but this often creates a barrier to proper maintenance.

“We see issues customers run into when they’re trying to service equipment and do basic maintenance. So, we’re designing machines to make things easier to access and service – so they actually do get serviced. We’ve put ideas like those into the designs we’re working on,” said McCaffrey.

Additionally, IROCK remains committed to delivering the technological advancements customers want, but not at the expense of reliability. Nate Russell, IROCK’s Director of Sales underscored the fact that these advancements must promote better performance and plant uptime.

“What I see and hear from a sales perspective in the market is when you start adding all these sensors and wirings in a very dusty, dirty environment, it only takes one hiccup and an operation is down. With Paul’s designs, we’re going to have sensors to protect the machine and have it run effectively. But they’re in the background and they don’t put the unit down, in theory,” stated Russell.

“Customers want a machine they can start in the morning, run it all day and shut it down in the evening,” said McCaffrey.

From an engineering standpoint, this means key areas of the machine must be accessible and easy to troubleshoot. After all, the reliability of a machine is directly linked to its serviceability.

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