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line in the sand
June 15, 2020


Everything is different these days. An understatement to be sure. And while much of what we are all navigating has been unpredictable and unprecedented, here at IROCK, the change you see has been carefully planned and strategized throughout much of last year. You can see it in our new look, feel it in how proud we are about our quality products and hear it in the marketplace from our ever-expanding customer base.

My team and I describe it as “drawing a line in the sand.” Out with the “same old,” and in with a new refreshing experience to serve dealers and customers. We are thrilled to have a new logo and aesthetic (showcased on equipment with a distinguishable paint scheme), launch contemporary literature, share innovative media highlighting the successes we are having with our partners, impart the IROCK story, and introduce a highly interactive website to support dealers and customers.

But perhaps what we are most enthusiastic about are the exciting conversations we are having. Conversations with our own team inspiring strength and perseverance in addressing challenges and delivering positive experiences. Conversations with our dealers as we are cultivating deeper and more powerful relationships. Conversations with our customers based on really listening to the challenges from the field and creatively solving problems together. Conversations like these are fundamental to the reinvigorated IROCK brand we are building. And it’s exciting to be a part of the results we are seeing—even in unconventional times like these.

When you see the new logo, please take a second look. And when you see IROCK in your LinkedIn newsfeed featuring new portable & mobile equipment in the field, please spend a moment to observe what we are doing and LIKE the post if you are worn-out with the industry status-quo and subscribe to our refreshingly different approach. Listen in on the conversations about how IROCK is delivering on promises and executing on creative Product Support solutions and how our dealers are keeping their customers operational and profitable.

Stay well—all the best!

Chris Larson
General Manager